The Trailer is an out-of-show promo for the movie.


Mummy Pig is driving the car and listening to some classical music on the radio. Suddenly, the radio changes to a rock station. Mummy Pig looks at the radio and sees Peppa Pig has changed it. Peppa Pig believes she had fixed Mummy Pig's radio, but Mummy Pig doesn't think so. Mummy Pig changes it back to the station she was listening to. Peppa Pig did not like this, so she decided to change it back to the rock station. The trailer goes on like this with them changing the radio station back and forth in all kinds of crazy ways. Finally, Mummy Pig gets sick of the constant radio changing so she tells Peppa Pig she can drive and leaves the car cockpit. Peppa Pig enjoys her rock music shortly before the car crashes into a tree and she smashes up against the window.



Official Art and Story BoardsEdit

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